What is the Passion Translation?

What is the Passion Translation?

The Passion Translation is a new Bible used by NAR churches around the world. The Publisher writes:

“The Passion Translation is an attempt to bring God’s fiery heart of love and truth to this generation using Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic manuscripts, bringing them together with the emotion and truth of God’s Word … As Brian has studied the original biblical manuscripts, he has uncovered what he believes is the love language of God that has been missing from other translations.” 1

Brian Simmons, Lead TPT Translator, describes the unique characteristics of The Passion Translation:

God refuses to meet us in an intellectual way. … What we’re trying to do with this project is to bring words that go right through the human soul, and past the defences of our mind, and goes right to our spirit.” 2

“But in these last days, God wants His passion, His heart to come through the revelation of the Word. He wants us to read the Word not just for our minds, to get it out of head knowledge and to really settle it into our heart.” 3

“There’s something waiting for you. There’s some secrets that he wants to unveil to you and to me, and I believe the Passion Translation can help you discover more of what God has for your life.” – Brian Simmons 4

Read more about the “supernatural’ origins of the Passion Translation here: http://readingthepassionbible.com/origins/



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