NAR Leaders Endorse TPT

NAR Leaders Endorse TPT

What can we learn about the NAR movement from their glowing endorsements of The Passion Translation? Once you have read these endorsements by NAR leaders, please check out some of the in-depth reviews and critiques of The Passion Translation.

Brian Simmons:

“I truly believe The Passion Translation has the potential to shape the spirituality of the English speaking church for generations to come.” 1

Bill Johnson:

“The Passion Translation is the most exciting thing to happen to Bible translations in my lifetime!” 2

Che Ahn:

“Brian Simmons is a brilliant man who has been given revelation and insight into a deeper meaning of the Holy Scriptures. God has breathed a passion in Brian to see the rich words of the Bible presented to us in a new light. Reading this translation will enlighten your heart, mind, and spirit as you are summoned into the essence of the Man, Christ Jesus and His undeniable love for you. I highly recommend this new Bible translation to everyone!” 3

Dutch Sheets

“Pastor Brian Simmons is doing a tremendous job training a new generation of radical Christians to impact the nations. The course of history will be set as these men and women help usher in world-changing revival.” 4

James W. Goll:

“With the Mind of a Scholar and Heart of a Lover, Brian Simmons combines the best of both world for us in his devoted translated work in Letters from Heaven. What a marvellous job my friend and seasoned leader is doing for the Body of Christ! I applaud the life and ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons!” 5

Johnny Enlow

Brian Simmons has done a remarkable job of making the book of Proverbs come alive on an entirely different level!  His scholarly and linguistic brilliance is on open display throughout this book, and you will be hooked from the start with the expanded understanding of the very word proverb.  However, what Brian does best is connect us to the Hebraic paradigm for experiencing this ancient book of wisdom.  For me, it was impossible to not be swept up by the author’s own joy of discovery of the hidden treasures of this book.  I highly recommend this labor of passion – so get ready to enjoy Proverbs as never before. 6

Katherine Ruonala

“Brian and Candice are friends of the Holy Spirit and it is with His guidance that the Bible is being opened to us with greater clarity than ever before through this translation project. I believe that the release of the Passion Translation coincides with a global awakening and this new translation has been given by God to fuel the fire of this Awakening. It was through a life changing encounter with God that Brian was commissioned to do this translation and I believe that an impartation for Holy Spirit encounters is released through his ministry. I pray that God’s word will provoke you to love as never before as you read the Passion Translation and that your hearts will be set ablaze with a fresh passion for God.” 7

Now that you’ve seen what NAR leaders are saying, please compare this with some of the in-depth reviews and critiques of The Passion Translation.



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